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Sgt. Kelly Ingram is redefining the role of women in law enforcement. Join her on her journey to pursue a rewarding career while nurturing a fulfilling personal life. Her desire to connect with the Paradise Valley Community, while balancing her life outside the badge, is truly an inspiration.

The Art of

Take an exclusive look inside the dynamic training at Paradise Valley Police Department, where officers are mastering the latest in Jiu-jitsu tactics. This innovative program is revolutionizing the way our officers approach physical confrontations, emphasizing skill, control, and technique over brute force. Get a glimpse into the rigorous training sessions, where PVPD officers learn to defuse situations with precision and restraint. 

Balancing the

Hear directly from an officer and his spouse as they share their personal story of how transitioning to PVPD has brought a newfound harmony between their professional duties and home life and the positive impact a well-balanced policing career can have on family life. 

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From intense tactical drills to advanced virtual reality simulations, PVPD is pushing back barriers to training and empowering its officers with unparalleled readiness and expertise.

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You have never worked for a PD like this one. Learn what makes this such a unique opportunity.

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Work along some of the best out there. Get started with your career in Paradise.